All Inclusive Holidays in Barbados

Very few travel destinations can compare to the relentless beauty of the Caribbean island called Barbados. This exotic country is only 431 square kilometres , but serves as a holiday get away for wealthy tourist. Most people consider it paradise due to the crystal clear waters and beaches. British travelers can learn about All Inclusive Holidays in Barbados by reading this article.

Best Time To Visit

Barbados has a tropical monsoon climate, which keeps the lovely island warm all year long. The best time to visit is from December to May. The country also has seasons that are split into periods. They are the dry and wet seasons. The wet season, which is from June to November dumps about 40 inches of rain on the island. Hurricane season is from September to October and should be avoided. When tourist visit the island in the off season, they can guess smaller crowds, closed tour activities and very hot weather. Seasonal events are also a fantastic time to visit due to the abundance of festivals that suggest itself on holidays.

How To Get There

Barbados is located in the Caribbean Sea, so naturally British travelers can guess a long journey to the island paradise. A flight from the U.K. to Barbados would take approximately 8 hours 45 min. The only airport on the island is in Bridgetown and it is Grantley Adams International Airport. The airport serves incoming flights from the U.K.

Barbados is a well loved island paradise, which is also known as "Small England". The island offers warm weather all year and exciting activities on splendid resorts. British travelers should book a flight to this island paradise in the dry season.