All Inclusive Holidays in Dubai

Going on holiday soon? Take a look at a holiday package to the lush destination of Dubai. One of the up-to-the-minute destinations in the world, Dubai has something for everybody. Nothing is left out when considering all inclusive holidays in Dubai.

Being all inclusive, this is a perfect package. Holidays can be hard to plot and pay for, so a package deal is the sure way to get on your way without the usual holiday headache.

Though commonly referred to as Dubai City, Dubai is really one of the 7 emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates and is located off the lower Arab Peninsula. Being on the peninsula, Dubai is right next to the Gulf Sea where there is no lack of activities to delight in.

You may be wondering when the best time of year to visit. Dubai has a warm and dry climate, so unexpected thunderstorms and cloud coverage will surely not place a damper on your holiday plans. Hot during the Summer months, the most desirable time to go is from early Winter through early Spring. During these months is the weather is most comfortable.

Dubai International Airport is located in the state itself, so you can land right inside the grand emirate if desired. The mean flight from London Heathrow to Dubai's own airport is approximately 7 hours; making it simple to travel from the United Kingdom to the United Arab Emirates within a day's time. All this with an all inclusive holiday to Dubai.