All Inclusive Holidays In Egypt

Egypt is a fascinating country in north Africa with a population of 80,801,170. The country borders the Mediterranean Sea, Gaza Strip, Israel, Red Sea, Sudan and Libya. Egypt is known for its mysterious pyramids and diverse culture, which makes it one of the world's top travel destinations. British travelers can learn more about All Inclusive Holidays in Egypt by reading this article.

Best Time To Go

before travelers start booking plane tickets, they should consider the best time to visit Egypt. The best time to visit is from October to May and this is because of the oppressive heat. Although it will be cooler, visitors will have to deal with the peak seasons, where prices will double around New Year and Easter. Adventurous travelers may want to consider visiting Egypt in the Spring to experience the Khamsin wind and moderate weather.

How To Get There

The best way to get to Egypt from the U.K is to glide. Egypt is a considerable distance from Egypt, but the flights can be booked in advanced for reasonable prices. A one way flight from the U.K. to Egypt is typically five hours and most travelers will usually end up in Cairo first. The closest Egyptian airport to the U.K. is going to be Alexandria International Airport for travelers that don't want to deal with the chaos of Cairo.

Egypt is a transcontinental country with a history that dates back at least 5,000years. Many people come to witness the beauty of the pyramids and culture. Tourist should go when the weather is moderate, but also be set for high prices. British tourist should book a flight and experience everything Egypt has to offer.