All Inclusive Holidays in Sharm El Sheikh

Located on the gorgeous Sinai Peninsula, Sharm El Sheikh is one of Egypt's most well loved luxury holiday destinations. Sharm El Sheikh boasts a bustling nightlife, world-class malls, fill up and desert adventures, and the opportunity to meet Bedouin artisans and traders. It is best to visit Sharm El Sheikh from October through April. Temperatures are still in the low 90s in October, and stay relatively stable in the mid-80s and mid-70s until April. This is the winter season, and many visitors appreciate the pleasant climate. Travelers interested in a fill up-centric holiday should visit in October and April, when temperatures are the best for diving.

Sharm El Sheikh can be reached by the Sharm El Sheikh airport, where chartered flights land throughout the winter season. Buses from Eliat (in Israel) and Cairo also reach Sharm El Sheikh throughout the year. If you visit Cairo before your trip to Sharm El Sheik, you will land at the Cairo International Airport. Flights from London to Cairo are a small five hours and are offered year-round. Cairo can provide a fantastic base for visiting Sharm El Sheikh and other destinations within Egypt.

As a major tourist center, Sharm El Sheikh boasts four-and-five star hotels and other luxury travel accommodations. The area is safe and offers a diversity of outings for visitors of all stripes. From camel trekking to wind surfing to visiting the monastery on Mount Sinai, this destination offers something for all. You are sure to remember your exciting, all inclusive holidays in Sharm El Sheikh for years to come.