All Inclusive Holidays in Tenerife

When plotting a holiday, Tenerife is a perfect place to consider if you are looking to relax, sight see and have fun. All inclusive holidays in Tenerife, take all the stress out of plotting the holiday. You pay just once when the trip is booked, then all your accommodations, meals, and even sight seeing is paid for. There are so many things to do on the island. The natural scenery, the ocean and beaches, monuments and a fun nightlife all make this a fantastic tourist destination.

It is the largest of the Canary Islands that located just off the northeast coast of mainland Africa and is one of the world's top tourist destinations. This gorgeous island which is nicknamed the "Island of Eternal Spring", has a warm climate year round with temperatures that mean 20 to 22 degrees.

Travel to the island from the UK is just a small 4 hour flight. Tenerife has two airports, one on the north of the island and the other in on the south end of the island. Making this a quick trip to paradise. Rich with history and beauty, Tenerife is a wonderful holiday location. The island offers something for all, even the toughest of travelers.