All Inclusive holidays in the Caribbean

More and more travelers from the UK are expanding their radius of where to spend their holidays. A well loved spot year round is in the Caribbean. The Caribbean is south east of the United States and just east of Mexico.

All inclusive holidays in Caribbean are becoming very poplar for European travelers because they are very inexpensive and the weather is warm year round. The best time of year to visit the Caribbean would be during the UK winter. This is because it would be a perfect time to escape the cold and visit some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world! Really, the only terrible time to visit the Caribbean would be in the late summer and early fall months, because it is hurricane season and there is a lot of rain fall.

Depending on which island you want to visit for your holiday the flight time will probably be around 15 hours from the UK. Some of the more well loved islands to visit are the Bahamas, Jamaica, Antigua and St. Thomas. Although there are dozens to choose from and all have their unique attributes which make each every one special.

Most islands have their own airports, so no need to agonize about getting from island to island. There are many direct flight options from the UK as well.

Be sure to bring your sunscreen and delight in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea!