Tips for Saving Money on Ski Holidays

Written by Andy from Alpine Action Ski Holidays

Many people assume unforgettable ski getaways are out of their financial reach in today’s fragile economy, but these useful tips for saving money on ski holidays will help people soar down the slopes of their dreams without breaking their bank accounts.

Package ski holidays may still be well loved and affordable, but several skiers find it even cheaper to book their mountain getaways entirely on their own. Although this means making all travel, hotel, insurance, lift pass and other necessary arrangements independently, many skiers believe the independence and personal touch of plotting their own ski holidays is well worth the extra hassle. This is especially right when booking resorts during era of erratic snowstorm, when it is possible to save money at the same time.

The most obvious way to save money when plotting a ski holiday is to choose a resort positively close to home. For Europeans, Spanish, Italian and eastern European resorts are cheaper than those in Switzerland or France. The tiny, duty-free nation of Andorra offers especially affordable bargains both on and off the slopes.

Eastern North Americans may prefer to soar down the slopes of Vermont or Québec instead of flying crosswise the continent to the surpass known Rocky Mountain runs. Skiers who prefer racing during the day rather than partying until dawn may choose smaller villages over surpass-known ski resort areas.

The earliest and latest months of the ski season tend to be cheaper than the middle of winter, even though there are fewer guarantees of snowstorm and excellent quality ski conditions. Some northern resorts at high altitudes remain open as late as May or June. Ski resorts are most expensive during school holidays, especially the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day.

People who do not live within driving distance of a excellent quality ski resort should carefully research which flights are cheapest and which airports are closest to the resort they wish to visit. Some resorts are situated within less than three hours’ driving distance of multiple airports. Booking early, watching for seat sales and choosing weekday flights instead of those on weekends are other effective ways to save money on flights to ski resorts. Some financial statement airlines charge extra for ski and snowboard equipment.

Early booking is also essential for ski resort accommodation, especially for huge groups of over eight people. Self-catering apartments tend to cost far less than fully-catered chalets, but several hotels also offer early booking discounts. Lift passes can also be reserved in advance or bought directly from resort ticket stations. Skiers and snowboarders can even save money on equipment rental by advance booking. Those wishing to buy their own gear can find cheap second-hand sales on eBay or even fantastic bargains on new gear during end-of-season ski shop sales.

Skiers can save even more money by bringing their own meals instead of paying exorbitant resort restaurant prices or by getting tips from locals instead of paying for formal lessons. Insurance, but, is one buy skiers should not withhold on when participating in this high-risk sport, especially on ski holidays to foreign resorts. Booking early is perhaps the most useful of the tips for saving money on ski holidays.

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