Why Cruises Are The Ultimate All Inclusive Holiday

When you’re in the market for an all-inclusive holiday, chances are you’re looking to relax. All-inclusive holidays traditionally charge a single rate per person for hotel accommodation, meals, and a few other amenities. Not only does this make it simpler to stick to a financial statement, but it also takes a lot of stress out of the whole experience. Most would-be holidaymakers immediately search through a slew of sunny beachside resorts to find their perfect all-inclusive experience, but few consider the ultimate all-inclusive holiday – a cruise.

Why a cruise?

A cruise ship acts as your hotel, transportation, restaurant, and tour guide all rolled into one. It is, in a sense, its very own resort city on the sea. The main advantage of a cruise over a traditional all-inclusive holiday is that you’ll get the opportunity to visit multiple destinations in one trip instead of being relegated to one resort. Cruising combines all the excitement of sailing and sightseeing with all the relaxation, pampering, and luxury you’d guess from a top seaside resort.

On board

When you buy a cruise package, you’ll get a choice between several different suites. Suites come in different sizes, but are comparable to hotel rooms. Royal Caribbean Cruises, for example, offers staterooms that range from 250 square feet to over 1,200 square feet. Family suites are also available that were designed to accommodate parents with younger children. In your room you can guess to find a fully enclosed bathroom, lush bed, a television and entertainment system, and a safe.

Most cruise-goers find that they don’t spend too much time in their rooms because there is so much to do on the rest of the ship. In addition to a wide range of restaurants, cafes, bars, and places to shop, cruise ships tend to have bounty of activities that appeal to all ages. Fitness fanatics won’t have to compromise on their daily routines, as most ships have a full gym on board. Some even include a full running track and fitness classes. If you’re in the mood for something a small more relaxing, you could lounge by the pool or delight in a spa treatment.


The one thing you certainly won’t get on a traditional all-inclusive holiday is the ability to visit multiple destinations in one trip. Coast excursions are what make cruises so special and it’s simple to book sightseeing tours and other experiences ahead of time as part of your cruise package. Of course, you’re always free to explore on your own as well. Your experiences will depend on your cruise route. Well loved packages include stops in the Bahamas or the Caribbean, where you can laze by the beach, sip on cocktails, or even swim with dolphins. Other cruises make multiple stops in the Mediterranean. In the summer, Mediterranean cruises can offer sightseeing tours through seaside villages, wine tasting experiences, and a small beach time as well.

Stress Free

Cruising is about as stress-free as a holiday can get. Everything you need is located right on the ship and if you’re on a tight financial statement, everything including excursions and meal packages, can be bought ahead of time. With so many options, so much freedom, and such gorgeous destinations, cruising really is the ultimate all-inclusive holiday.

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